About MmmmTools

MmmmTools is a scripted system for Maya which aims to make Maya more usable. It is developed by Joe Crawford at Celestine Studios and is currently in use at major motion picture and video game production studios, as well as institutions such as the Vancouver Institute of Media Arts, and Think Tank Training Centre.  For many years it has maintained a 5 star rating on Creative Crash.

MmmmTools is Free Software, distributed under the G.P.L.

Watch the video to see some of the features available in MmmmTools.

NEWS:   Updated to work well with Maya 2016.

Download MmmmTools – Newest Recommended Version

Download MmmmTools – All Available Versions_

Some specific notable versions of MmmmTools, which have been very well tested, are below:

Download MmmmTools –  For Maya 2014 to 2015 – v1.1.7 Beta  (Recommended)
Download MmmmTools –  For Maya 2011 to 2014
Download MmmmTools –   For Maya  2010* – The 2010 version is old, and includes Pymel, which it needs.
Maya since 2011 ships with Pymel, so Pymel doesn’t need to be included with MmmmTools as of 2011.


Development of MmmmTools Source Code

Development happens using git and our repository currently hosted on Github, at:

Contributions and bug reports are welcome.  Feature requests are welcome and appreciated as well, even if we can’t always implement everything requested.


Learning MmmmTools

A video is available that shows how to use MmmmTools.  It shows an earlier version, and isn’t quite up to date, but it explains the general usage and installation nicely. There is also a page which shows some information on how to use the toolset effectively.  Watch the video and/or read about how to use MmmmTools

Contact Us For Help or to Report Bugs

MmmmTools has been used and tested with Maya 2010 and 2011, both 32 and 64 bit.  It also hasn’t been tested on Linux or Mac yet, though it can probably be made to work on those.

Distributions of MmmmTools, including this one, usually contain other useful Free Software, not part of MmmmTools, but distributed together with it.  It also includes an ability to download several useful scripts which are not “Free Software” in terms of licencing, but are free in terms of cost.

MmmmTools is still under development, but is already quite useful. The source code needs a lot of cleanup. If you improve MmmmTools, it would be nice if you would let us know and send changes back to us so that we can consider working your changes into the official version provided here. We don’t have any real system set up for this yet, but we hope to soon. Until then, please email us.

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