How To Use MmmmTools

In The Menu

MmmmTools will add itself a new heading to the main Maya menu. You can find many of its features there.

Hotkey System

One of the most useful parts of MmmmTools is its hotkey set system. These sets allow Maya’s hotkeys to be quickly changed while working. Many useful hotkey sets are included by default.

There is a polygon modeling hotkey set, a UV editing hotkey set, a lighting/rendering hotkey set, a user defined hotkey set, and a factory default hotkey set. We hope to add other hotkeys sets (rigging, dynamics, etc) in the future.

Hotkey sets are available from the MmmmTools Menu.

A list of all hotkey sets and the hotkeys they contain will be posted here later. However, for now, each time you activate a hotkey set, a list of the hotkeys will show up in your script editor output. For now, please read the output in the script editor to learn the hotkeys.

Hotstring System

Hotstrings allow you to type very short simple commands, to do things that you commonly do, but that you haven’t set up a hotkey for. Hotstrings are often easier to remember than obscure hotkey combinations (with control and alt) and can be much faster than digging through Maya menus.

To use a hotstring, just press the hotstring hotkey, then type the command, then press enter.

The default hotstring hotkey is the backslash.  Like so: \

So, to use a command, you could press backslash \ then type cs and then press enter. “cs” is the create polygon sphere command, so by doing this, a sphere would be created in Maya.

A list of hotstrings shipping with MmmmTools will be posted here later.

Rim Light

A rim light can be created very easily. Simply use MmmmTools > Create Rim Light from the menu.

The rim light MmmmTools creates is useful because it will only illuminate the edges of objects, or more precisely, faces whose normals are mostly perpendicular to the camera. (Such as the outline of a sphere.)

The rim light is just a regular light, with connections to other nodes. It also has some properties in the channel editor which make it easy to control.

Thanks to Gabriele Coen, who wrote a mel script which was studied in order to write this one. At the time of this writing, his script is available at:

Capslock Fix

Many Maya users are frustrated by the fact that the state of the caps lock key affects the behavior of Maya’s hotkeys. This happens because its very easy to accidentally press Caps Lock while working, and when caps lock is turned on, few of the hotkeys work they way they normally would. (They instead work as if shift were being held down). Even very long time Maya users are often irritated by this. The problem is so common that many many users simply tear the caps lock key off of their keyboards so that the problem can’t occur! MmmmTools provides a fix for this terrible Maya behavior. The caps lock key will stop functioning when MmmmTools is loaded.

When the caps lock fix is running, it will show up in your system tray. When you hover the mouse pointer at it, it will show the tooltip: MmmmTools.ahk

The fix can be turned off by right clicking on the icon and choosing “exit” from the context menu that appears.

You can still turn caps lock on and off by using the hotkey combination Ctrl-Shift-Capslock

When the caps lock fix is running, caps lock will also function as an additional underscore key, since Maya users tend to write a lot of underscores, we thought this would help. (Because underscores normally require pressing shift and the underscore/hyphen key, in our personal experience, having a single easily reached button for it helps a lot!)

The Caps Lock fix is included in MmmmTools as a script, The Free Software AutoHotkey program is used to run this fix.  AutoHotkey is not part of MmmmTools but is distributed together with MmmmTools to make things easier for users. The AutoHotkey webpage is:

More information will be written later about the following features:

Autoback System

Intelligent Texture Reloading

Automatic Downloading Of Other Useful Scripts

Automatic Roadkill (UV Mapping Tool) Integration with Maya

Select Texture Seams (Great for working with UVs. Allows you to do a lot more with cutting and sewing edges.)

Rim Light (Now with a convenient menu entry to quickly make them.)

HKLocalTools Automatic Integration  (Will download HKLocalTools for you, install it, and make it work with menu and the hotkey manager.)

Autoscripts Folder  (Allow much easier organization and installation of many different maya scripts, without editing userSetup.mel files.)

Pymel auto installation (Mostly for technical artists, allow much easier/better coding by auto integrating pymel.)

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