MmmmTools has many features, its highlights include:

  • Texture Reloading
  • Rim Light
  • Modeling
  • Easy management of creases and hard edges
  • vertex align functions
  • retopology helper
  • symmetrical modeling helper
  • Texturing
  • Automatic Roadkill (UV Mapping Tool) Integration with Maya
  • Select Texture Seams Function
  • Hotkey Manager – With dynamic hotkeys (Easily switch between sets of hotkeys geared towards different tasks, and easily switch back to default hotkeys.)
  • Hotstring Commands (Very short commands that can be entered.  Like hotkeys but for less common, but still frequently used commands.)
  • Autoscripts Folder System – Helps organize userSetup.mel files and scripts
  • Optional Capslock Disabling Function
  • Open Maya Toolbox Automatic Integration (in 0.4.9)
    • Connect multiple edge rings at once
    • Slide and insert with smoothing
  • Pymel Automatic Integration
    • Much more powerful and easy scripting.
  • HKLocalTools Automatic Integration via auto download
    • Move components based on edge axis and more

There used to be an AutoBackup System, but that is no longer necessary since newer versions of Maya include their own autoback system.

For more details, read:  How To Use MmmmTools

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